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New York Cotton Futures
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AuthorHivos East Africa
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SummaryThe economic development story of the 20th century was about the East Asian Tigers. Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and now China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Bangladesh, have seen extraordinary growth, reductions in poverty, and improvements in living standards by pursuing export-oriented growth strategies. The garment industry, a labour-intensive, low-skill manufacturing process, served as the first step on the industrialization and growth escalator for these countries. Today, as production costs rise in Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa offers the last frontier in the search for new apparel sourcing markets. With a strong apparel tradition, a large and entrepreneurial workforce, and an attractive business environment, Kenya is a compelling new sourcing destination for global brands. However, Kenya also has a deep well-spring of talent among fashion designers and small tailors, who can serve both the global, domestic, and regional markets. This report is focused on how Kenyan designers and factories can capitalize on these opportunities.
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